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Business Contracts

Written agreements between parties designed to reduce business risk and comprehensively address key business terms is an integral part of doing business.

In my 30+-year experience as a business lawyer, I have drafted literally thousands of business contracts, including, non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements (NDAs), independent contractor and subcontractor agreements, master services agreements and statement of works, retail product agreements, agent/referral endorser agreements, equipment leases and software licenses, and more.

My legal contracts are clear, concise and written in plain-English, so clients can understand what they are signing. Too many lawyers prefer to write contracts using technical and confusing legalese that makes them sound “lawyerly” but ultimately it simply confuses clients. Not me; plain-English is paramount in my contracts.

Generic form contracts are readily available on the internet, but such templates are usually not consistent with Iowa law, not clear and simple and not written in plain-English. I will work with you to craft business contracts that meet all your business’ unique needs.

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